About Me

I’m a college student, twenty years young and crashing every night on a futon in my parent’s house. Following along similar lines of awesomeness, I also attend community college. But hey, who wants to pay 40 grand for two years of gen eds when you could get the same useless degree for a fraction of that and still have access to a full kitchen and not have to deal with the Drunk Parade that every dorm is subjected to at least three nights a week. I’m pretty pleased with my choices.

In my spare time I read, play video games, work out, draw, paint, skulk around Walmart at one in the morning with my hooligan friends, and just generally try to keep from being bored. That is a highly difficult task when you are surround by cornfields on three sides and a river on the fourth. Yeah baby, welcome to the boondocks. I’ll be your tour guide and if you look to the left that is, indeed, an actual house that some one really lives in. It just looks like a car graveyard. No, that is not where House of A Thousand Corpses was filmed, but it does look like it, doesn’t it? Huh… Moving on!

This blog is first and foremost a place for me to vent. A kind of “Secret Public Journal,” if you will. (Kudos to you guys who got that reference. For shame to those of you who did not.) I’ll be writing about anything that comes to my mind and tossing in the occasional angsty poem when I manage to write one. Poems by other writers will probably be included, as well as music. Why? Because I’m not creative enough to write a poem every day. And I’m lazy. I mean, c’mon… I’m a college student. I have collegey things to do. Like sleep.

Venting aside, I wouldn’t mind some feedback on the poems that do make it up here. My friends are great and all, but they don’t write for the most part. And those that do aren’t any more experienced than I am. So this blog will, with any luck, become a writing tool for me where others can provide constructive criticism. Huh? Sound good? Awesome.

Read, enjoy, and learn to embrace sarcasm. A lot of it will probably be showing up here.

-Half Pint


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